Let's make it happen.


20 donors giving $20 monthly would sponsor a new computer lab for 250 students every year, opening up new job opportunities.

10 friends who commit to $10 each would plant a family's entire potato field every planting season, increasing their income by 25%.

Just one person could give $15 every month for a year and sponsor a new microloan to begin a business. start now

Just as we focus our efforts on one individual at a time, much of our support is through individual donors like you. Together, these contributions enable change at a community level.

As part of our commitment to donors, we keep our administration costs low and ensure that wherever possible, projects are financially sustainable.


monthly support

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one-time support

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current needs



HectareMax Microfinance Wellness Administrative


sponsor a student        


      build a solar water heater 150 miles (250km) in gas


    starter set of 8 breeder guinea pigs    


  prepare a small field (plow, fertilizer, seed)   build a russian stove for home heat and cooking office expenses for over a month


    a new microbusiness loan (including 8 animals and pens)    


one month university scholarship        


  prepare a small field (plow, fertilizer, seed) a flock of 75 chickens and feed   staff salary for a month


  prepare an average field (plow, fertilizer, seed)   large-scale nutrition program at a rural school  


    commercial farm setup (100 guinea pigs and barn)    


a complete lab (10 computers + equipment)       annual office rent




  a new tractor or other farm equipment     office expansion for community training facility