This Questionnaire ensures that you've read and understood the Volunteer Guide. It's important that you understand the commitment you're making and the conditions you will face.

Be brief but complete. A sentence or two is enough. Email your answers to us and we'll discuss them in a Skype call. At that point, if we have a placement that seems to be a good fit, we'll offer you a volunteer position.

Do you meet the volunteer requirements?

Volunteer commitments are one month minimum, excluding personal travel. Do you plan to travel in Peru? When? Are you already traveling?

About Blue Sparrow
Why do you want to volunteer? (Language learning, humanitarian aid, travel, work experience?)

Your main commitment is to the Conectados program. Do any other project areas interest you? Why?

Day to Day
Have you ever visited or lived in a developing country?

You may be working alone (no other volunteers), with a partner, or in a team of up to five volunteers depending on the location and season. Are you comfortable working independently or would you prefer a partner/group?

How do you feel about speaking only Spanish for the duration of your volunteer period?

Would you prefer to live with a host family, in the office, or in private accommodation?

How much does your preferred accommodation cost and what does it include?

Who pays for costs beyond accommodation and food?

If you don't plan to stay with a host family, skip to the next section.
What are the most 'rugged' or 'basic' conditions that you've experienced?

What sort of food will your host family serve?

How will you manage with a diet very high in carbohydrates and low in vegetables and meat?

How will you...
Go to the bathroom?
Do laundry?

Do you have any experience in multimedia, Photoshop, video, etc? If not, are you willing to learn?

Peru's education is ranked 5th worst in the world. What might be different about the school and classroom compared to your education experience at home?

Imagine that you're leading a class and the teacher walks out. How would you feel?

Your schedule says the 3rd grade class should be coming, but they don't. What do you do?

You have a 90-minute class scheduled in the afternoon, but their teacher says they need to take a test instead. What can you do?

The English teacher is gone today, and you are free to cover her classes but you haven't prepared any lesson plan. Now what?

Food & Nutrition
Have you noted all dietary and special needs on your application? Is there anything else we should know?

Have you ever been sick from food?

Climate & Altitude
What happens if the host family is unable to provide enough blankets?

Have you ever lived at high altitudes?

Have you ever experienced altitude sickness?

Culture & Respect
Have you ever publicly represented an organization or company?

You're having a hard time adapting to the host family's food and need more variety in your diet. What can you do?

It's getting late, and you won't be able to make it home. What should you do?

Imagine you come home drunk. Is it obvious that this is a bad idea?

While in Peru, it's strongly encouraged to have a cell phone. Who pays for your cell phone and calls? How much is a SIM card or phone?

How can you contact Blue Sparrow if you need help--before arriving, and while in Huancayo?

We can help book your bus and hostel if needed, but you'll be traveling alone. How do you feel about arriving in Huancayo independently?

Are you comfortable using public transport as your main form of travel?

Final Thoughts
Do you have any unanswered questions?

What is your main concern at this point?

When you've finished, email your answers to We'll get in touch to arrange a Skype call.