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Congratulations on your decision to volunteer in Peru with Blue Sparrow! Here's the final steps to complete in order to confirm your placement.

Read through and make sure you have all the requested information, as all fields are required.


Here's a scan or photo of my passport: 2MB max

Here's a recent headshot: 2MB max

emergency contacts
As a responsible organization, we need to ensure as best possible the safety of everyone working with us. Please provide contact information for someone at home who can be reached if needed.

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My flight/bus arrives in Lima at on from .

Upon arriving in the airport, you will need a taxi. There is no practical public transportation from the airport. We recommend taking a taxi from Taxi Green, a safe taxi company with a stand located inside the airport. You can go to Barranco/Miraflores for $20 (S/. 50), the same or lower than you will be able to barter for on your own. Trust us, it's worth it.

Depending on when your flight arrives, you may need to spend the night in Lima. We can help arrange a hostel with no additional cost. If you prefer, you can also do this on your own online at

The next step is getting a bus from Lima to Huancayo. While there are many options, we only recommend Oltursa and Cruz del Sur for safety reasons.

Yes, please help me with the airport, a hostel, and the bus to Huancayo.
No, I'll make my own way to Huancayo.

Skip this section if you will make your own plans.

Take a taxi from Taxi Green, located inside the airport. We'll send details along with your hostel and bus ticket confirmation.

Our preferred hostel is called Barranco Backpacker's Inn, located in a historic district overlooking the ocean. You'll be in a shared room with 6 beds. Pay upon arrival, S/. 28-31 (US$11) per night.

The trip is 8 hours and can be done during the day or overnight. We will pick you up from the bus station between 9am and 10pm. If you take an overnight bus, you'll need to wait 1-2 hours at the station or make your own way to town until we meet at 9am. With that in mind, I'd like to leave on at . Pay $20 for the bus as part of your deposit.

During my volunteer period, I'd like to stay . I understand that I may have up to 2 volunteer roommates of the same gender. Let us know if you have other requests.

deposit + bus
Yes, I've sent my first month's deposit (including bus ticket, if desired). If not, do this now. Your deposit is required in order to confirm your placement.

That's it. Now look through the Predeparture Guide for more tips on packing, weather, culture, and what to expect. See you soon!