We are a non-profit organization with compassionate, ethical, and tolerant values. We are directly linked with the community, local agents in Peru, and international supporters.

We work for rural communities, children and adolescents in Peru who live in extreme poverty.

We intend to promote physical and psychological changes through intercultural dialogue and direct participation with each project member.

We do this because there is a need for ground-level, focused help. Together with the global community, we are part of the solution.


Equip Peruvian youth through education to be entrepreneurial and independent, contributing to the enrichment of their family, school, and community.


Transform education to offer opportunities for the empowerment of marginalized youth. We partner with communities and schools, local authorities, and volunteers.



Blue Sparrow (formerly Wasiymi Wasiki) and its projects have appeared in these publications:

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More about Blue Sparrow, our partners, and our projects:
Conectados - Davis Projects for Peace. Awarded Wasiymi Wasiki a $10,000 grant for Conectados.
Conectados for Peace - 2010 Volunteer Blog. A first-hand look at the Conectados experience as it happened.
Project Compassion - Blue Sparrow/Wasiymi partner. Project Compassion has provided major funding for two labs.

High res versions available of all images on this site. Contact info@bluesparrow.org.